Things To Do

campervan trip is about more than just the van, it’s about doing exciting things when you get there.  Here are some recommendations of things we like to do when we are on holiday in our campervan, from surfing in Newquay to walking in the Lake District.


Surfing has long been associated with campervans, BBQs on the beach, and flip-flops.  The split-screen camper with a surfboard on the roof is an iconic image for so many of us! However, surfing has only really taken off as an activity in the UK in the past 20 years.    With access to a decent wet… View Article


The UK has an estimated 149,300 miles of footpaths and bridleways, and according to the Ramblers Association, 9.1 million adults in England enjoy walking recreationally.  If you are looking for an activity to enjoy as a family with different fitness levels, that finishes in the pub, then pick up a map and plan a walk…. View Article


There are some 16,575 miles of cycle paths within the National Cycle Network that spans the UK.  You can cycle from the top of Scotland to the end of Cornwall without ever leaving the safety of a cycle path.  Some friends of mine have tried it a year or so ago, and it sounds like… View Article

Wine Tour

Campervans are great for exploring and as a result are ideal for a wine tour that investigates small local vineyards.  In 2018 the UK produced 5.9m bottles of wine, and some of the best wine is produced in Kent.  With several vineyards also providing on-site camping we asked some excited explorers to investigate a Campervan… View Article

Rock Climbing Tours

Have you ever fancied trying your hand at rock climbing, but were unsure where to start?  As you can see from our selfies above, we love a rock climbing trip in a campervan.  But if you haven’t tried climbing before, you might be unsure how to get started, and keep yourselves safe! We have therefore… View Article

Walking Tours

At Carefree Campers, we love a walking trip in a campervan. In fact, most of the pictures on this site are of us walking in the mountains with friends. According to the Ramblers Association, 9.1 million adults in England enjoy walking recreationally each year.  However, if you haven’t climbed a mountain before, or read a map… View Article

Cycling Tours

One of the positives of 2020 was the uptake in cycling across the UK.  According to cycling weekly, “1.3 million Brits bought a bike” during the first coronavirus lockdown of 2020.  And there are some 16,575 miles of cycle paths within the UK National Cycle Network to enjoy.  In fact, you can ride from Scotland… View Article