Managed Service

Campervans have an iconic appeal to so many of us.  The excitement of the road trip and the spirit of adventure.  However, a new campervan can be an expensive asset that may not get used every day.  So why not use your campervan to earn you some money to help pay for its upkeep with our Campervan Managed Service.  Buy a campervan through us and use our rental service to cover the costs of ownership. We vet all hirers, manage the booking, clean your campervan, and pay you for the pleasure of letting us use it.

Our Campervan Managed Service provides lovely campervans for people to rent, buy, and hire out. We aim is to make campervan ownership more affordable by encouraging people to hire them out. We want to change the way people utilise their campervans, one hire at a time.

Scott – “We have rented our campervan out through Carefree Campers for the past few years. They have looked after our campervan really well and the money we have made has helped pay for the van. Highly recommend these guys.”

The peak season for hiring campervans is between June and September, and during that period your campervan could earn you £10,000 to help pay for its upkeep.  Our Campervan Managed Service helps you design, build, and rent out your campervan.  We even have a team of finance brokers to help you sort out the loan. Contact us if you would like to find out how much your campervan could earn for you.

Campervan Finance