Who are we?

Carefree Campers is a small family-owned business. We provide good quality campervans for people to rent, buy, and hire out through our Campervan Managed Service.

Our aim is to make Campervan ownership more affordable by encouraging people to hire them out when they aren’t being used. We connect people that want to hire a campervan with people that own them.

As a family, we have been camping and having adventures for generations.  Family holidays were spent in a caravan near Lannacombe Beach in South Devon. We were brought up on stories of Grandparents cycling a tandem around Europe between the wars, and Parents hitchhiking from Bulgaria when their car broke down.   

At 18 I got the campervan bug when I bought my old school bus and converted it to a campervan called Vinni. I loved that van and drove it down through north Africa.    Breaking down in the middle of the Sahara desert teaches you a few lessons, like the importance of carrying enough water!

As a family, we have been camping and having adventures in the great outdoors for generations.

Wind the clock forward 30+ years, Vinni the van has been replaced by Edi, but we still love adventures in campervans.  I love nothing more than a long road trip and camping out with family and friends. But the pressures of life mean that my camper doesn’t get used every weekend.  I, therefore, started renting my campervan out and used the money to pay the running costs of the camper.

Our Business Expanded

The wonderful thing was, the more people that used our camper, the more we enjoyed hearing about people’s adventures. So we brought a second campervan, and then a third.  One of my favorite customer stories was Sam & Matt who hired a campervan as their wedding car. They then went on a honeymoon tour of the South Coast.  Sam & Matt were meant to get married abroad, however this had been cancelled due to the COVID restriction.  We got a last-minute call enquiring about hiring a campervan.  We move a few things around and were able to provide them campervan with ribbons and a bow for their special day.  The story still makes me smile.

Sam & Matt West – “We used one of Sean’s campers straight from our wedding and we couldn’t have had a better time”.

Our Campervan Managed Service

Having successfully hired out our campervan, we then started renting our friends’ campervans out for them.  They earned some money from the rentals and we expanded the number of campervans we could offer.  The final piece of the jigsaw was enabling people to buy a campervan, with the intention of renting it out.  We will build you a campervan, find your bookings, vet the hirers, and pay you for using your campervan.   

Scott – “We have rented our campervan out through Carefree Campers for the past few years. They have looked after our campervan really well and the money we have made has helped pay for the van. Highly recommend these guys.”

If you would like to rent, buy, or convert a campervan, give us a call, we would love to help. We have a range of campervans available for hire and to buy based in Watford.