TentBox Classic Roof Tent Popped up
TentBox Classic Roof Tent Popped up
TentBox Classic Roof tent attached to a Land Rover
Watching the Sun set from my TentBox Classic Roof Tent
View from a TentBox Classic roof tent
View from TentBox Classic roof box at sunrise
TentBox Classic Roof box at sunrise
Sitting in a Tent box Classic, Roof tent
Roof Tent on Land Rover
Tent box roof tent Popped

TentBox – Classic


The TentBox Classic sits in the middle of the other two TentBox roof tents available. It has a hard durable shell yet is lightweight and incredibly comfortable to sleep in!

When looking for a Roof Tent that would fit on one of our Campers we knew there was one choice.  We chose to work with the guys at TentBox because much like our campervans their products are designed in the UK to a high specification. The TentBox Classic is well-made and gives you a bit of elevation allowing for a nicer view wherever you pitch up, which is always a bonus!


The TentBox Classic is made of high-grade ABS plastic and is installed on a steel and aluminum frame. This is important if you are going to go adventuring in the UK and further afield.  They come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty, so they are a good long-term investment. If you trawl the net, you will find they are competitively priced and, they look great on top of your camper, car, or 4×4!

We have the full range of TentBox products in stock, try out the bed or simply see it being popped, come down to our forecourt in Apsley.  We are the closest Tent Box dealer to London, 6 mins drive from the M25 and 10 mins from the M1.

Specification for this Roof Tent:

  • 2-person capacity
  • Gas-assisted struts to pop the roof – takes 1 min
  • Can be fit most vehicles within 30 mins
  • Aerodynamic hardwearing shell made vehicle-grade ABS
  • Steel and aluminum frame base
  • Waterproof canvas
  • Fly mesh protection
  • Space to store bedding & ladder inside
  • Ladder, mattress & fixing kit included
  • Cargo net storage in the roof
  • The UK’s #1 roof tent, built to last
  • 5-year warranty

Give us a call if you would like to have a look and sit inside this Roof Tent, or any of the other TentBox products we have in stock.


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