Edi the Campervan with the roof open
Edi the Campervan with the roof open
Rearview of the campervan with bed flattened
Seats of the campervan
Kitchen and rear seats of a campervan
The steering wheel of a campervan
Campervan parked in a field
Looking out on to Bournemouth beach
Campervan parked in the snow
Campervan parked in the snow

VW Campervan – Edi


Edi the campervan is a VW T6 was professionally converted and is lovingly maintained.  The campervan has a gas hob, fridge, air conditioning, and a heater.  This means you can cook up some food in the evening and take off the chill with the heater.  The campervan has 5 seats, an awning, and a trailer so it’s ideal for a family adventure.  It’s ideal for a weekend in the New Forest, which is only a few hours away.

The New Forest is a great place to visit in a campervan because its an area of natural beauty.  It has therefore been a popular place to camp for many years. There are lots of campsites in the New Forest, and several pubs that will let you park a campervan overnight.  However, our favorite campsite is Setthorn because it’s inside the wood so you get a full New Forest experience.  It is ideal for those traveling from London as it is only about a 60 or 70 miles drive down the M3/M27.

We named the campervan Edi after Sir Edmund Hillary who, along with Tenzing Norgay, was the first person to summit Everest in 1953 and was an epic explorer and all-round legend.