TentBox Roof Tents

If you went camping this year and found sleeping on the ground uncomfortable maybe, you should get a TentBox! These Roof Tents were built with both the hardiest of adventurers and the most novice of campers in mind. The setup is ridiculously easy, it takes about 2 mins to put up and 4 mins to put away!

All the TentBox models are light enough to be fitted to most vehicles. The Classic weighs 65Kg for example, but as one of the few UK TentBox Dealers, we will happily install it for you.  The Cargo has the advantage of taking roof bars, allowing you to store items on top such as bikes and surfboards. The Lite comes in at 50kg meaning it will fit on the smallest of hatchbacks and accommodate most adventures as well as up to 3 people.

We think the best bit about these Roof Tents is how quick and easy they are to use and the fact they are half the price of a Pop-Top!  They also give you a great view of the campsite from the top of your car.