Campervan Conversions

A Campervan Conversion is a really exciting project and a very personal thing to do. It’s your home from home and a place to hide from the sun or the rain. People put a lot of thought into designing their perfect campervan. Do you want a Red Strip Van, a Storm Trooper Camper, or a man cave for all your climbing gear! But not all the work needs to be done at once. You might decide you want a night heater so you can camp in the autumn, but fitting it in the spring might blow your budget.

Free Design Consultation

Because designing your Campervan is such as personal thing, we offer a FREE Design Consultation. With some paper, a pen, a tape measure, and a large cup of coffee we will work through all the options with you. The design meeting enable us to produce a detailed quotation for your bespoke design. Once finalised, we take a deposit for the build, allocate you a build slot in the diary, and order in all your components for your campervan conversion. All that’s left is for you to start planning your first adventure in your new campervan.

Things to consider for your build

We know that making some of these decisions can be a bit daunting, especially if you haven’t owned a campervan before. So we have also drafted a list of frequently asked questions and things to consider when designing your campervan.

  • Will your campervan be for weekend adventures, long summer road trip, or an everyday vehicle?
  • How many people will you need to transport and sleep in the campervan?
  • How much kit do you want to take with you, i.e. bikes, canoes, surfboards and/or tents?
  • Will you be camping on campsites or going off grid? 
  • Do you need a solar panel to run the fridge or charge your phone?
  • Do you need an onboard toilet or even a shower?
  • Are you planning City breaks and need a campervan that is ULEZ compliant?
  • How much are you budgeting to spend?
  • Do you want to earn money from your campervan by hiring it out, or are you planning to use it every weekend?

Campervan Build Process

Building a Campervan is a complex process that takes a van and turns it into a warm and comfortable campervan. Much like a tailored suit, there are lots of things we can change to make it fit with the way you want to use it. We can help you design and build a campervan that suits your lifestyle and your budget.

We work with industry-leading UK manufacturers, such as Skyline Roofs and the guys at Smart-Beds in Somerset. This means we can put in those little tweaks that will make all the difference such as blue cupboards with a matching roof canvas or a bed on rails so you can get bikes in the back!

Let your Campervan pay for itself

A new campervan can be an expensive asset that may not get used every day.  That’s why our customers use their campervans to earn you some money to help pay for its upkeep with our Campervan Managed ServiceBuy a campervan through us and use our rental service to cover the costs of ownership. We vet all hirers, manage the booking, clean your campervan, and pay you for the pleasure of letting us use it.

Scott – “We have rented our campervan out through Carefree Campers for the past few years. They have looked after our campervan really well and the money we have made has helped pay for the van. Highly recommend these guys.”

The peak season for hiring campervans is between June and September, and during that period your campervan could earn you £10,000 to help pay for its upkeep. If you would like to find out how your campervan could earn enough during the summer to pay for itself for the rest of the year contact us.

Campervan Finance

We even have a team of finance brokers to help you sort out the loan. Contact us if you would like to find out how much your campervan could earn for you.

Campervan Finance