Cycling Tours

Cyclist on Mountain Bike Trail looking over a hillside forest Cyclist riding Tour de France route Cyclist riding in the Alps Cyclists being given instructions A bike parked next to a river with a great view A bike parked next to a river with a great view

One of the positives of 2020 was the uptake in cycling across the UK.  According to cycling weekly, “1.3 million Brits bought a bike” during the first coronavirus lockdown of 2020.  And there are some 16,575 miles of cycle paths within the UK National Cycle Network to enjoy.  In fact, you can ride from Scotland to Cornwall without ever leaving the safety of a cycle path!  

You may have tried cycling through your local woods, but how about trying the mountain bike trails in Afan Forest? Or if you wanted a longer ride, try the legendary 70km Dark Peak Rout around Glossop and Kinder Scout.  But if you haven’t completed a long-distance off-road trip before, it may seem daunting.  What type of map do you need?  What sort of clothing do you need to take?  What’s the number of mountain rescue if something goes wrong?  Therefore, we have put together a team of cycling instructors to help you enjoy your off-road cycling experience.

Our cycling Guides are National Standards Cycling Instructor qualified. This means they can help you plan your tour, chose a route, and keep you safe while you are on the trail.

Where to cycle in the UK

The UK is spoiled for choice with great places to cycle and amazing trails. One of our favorites is the Nan Bield Pass in the Lake District.  This ride has alpine hairpins, steep single-track downhills, deep ruts, and wonderful views.  But if you fancied a beautiful road-based tour, why not cycle the 2014 Tour De France route of Yorkshire.  Since the Tour de France cycled through in 2014, it has risen in popularity for 2 wheel enthusiasts.  The area around Malham Cove, Horton in Ribblesdale, and Halton Gill is stunning.  But it’s worth noting, the roads can be steep, narrow, and lined with dry stone walls, so can be challenging.

With a bit of planning, you can leave your campervan at the campsite, cycle the route, and end up at the pub for dinner. 

There is almost nowhere that isn’t nice to cycle in the UK. Even the big cities have a good network of cycle paths so busy main roads can be avoided.  Wales is a great location to go cycling in the hills and mountains. But if you want something slightly flatter, why not try the Norfolk Broads.  As an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it provides a protected habitat for nature and the scenery is stunning.

About the Guides

Neil is a keen cyclist, qualified cycling instructor and coach, and friend of Carefree Campers, which is why we asked him to put on some cycling tours.  He got into Mountain biking early, buying one of the first ‘Marin’s’ imports into the UK.  He then started an MTB club, riding with and leading groups, going on to ride and compete across Europe in off-road events. 

Neil is a qualified National Standards Cycling Instructor and a National Standards Instructor Trainer.  He is also a qualified Cycling UK MTB Leader, Level 3 British Cycling Coach, and Cytech One cycle mechanic.  The best part is, he’s a lovely bloke to go on a cycling adventure with! 

If you would like to arrange a cycling adventure from the comfort of a campervan, drop us a line. We can provide a detailed quotation for you and provide advice on locations and places to stay.